2024 PhD job market results in the BSE research community

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Congratulations to the newly minted PhDs in the Barcelona School of Economics research community! Not only have they reached an important milestone in their academic careers by obtaining their doctoral degrees, but they’ve also obtained some oustanding placements in the 2024 job market. The list of placements appears below.

These talented researchers earned their PhDs in one of two doctoral programs organized jointly with BSE: the International Doctorate in Economic Analysis at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (indicated below as UAB-IDEA and BSE) or the PhD Program in Economics, Finance, and Management at Universitat Pompeu Fabra (indicated below as UPF and BSE)


Diego Bohórquez (PhD, UPF and BSE)
Advisors: Luca Fornaro and Alberto Martin

Placement: Banca d’Italia

Konstantin Boss (PhD, UAB-IDEA and BSE)
Advisor: Luca Gambetti

Placement: European Commission Joint Research Centre in Ispra

Josefina Cenzón (PhD, UPF and BSE)
Advisors: Vladimir Asriyan and Alberto Martin

Placement: Bocconi University (Department of Finance)

Ignacio Crespo (PhD, UPF and BSE)
Advisor: Christian Brownlees

Placement: CUNEF Universidad 

Shubhdeep Deb (PhD, UPF and BSE)
Advisor: Jan Eeckhout

Placement: Tilburg University

Daniel Dejuan (PhD, UPF and BSE)
Advisor: Javier Gómez Biscarri

Placement: Banco de España

Lauri Esala (PhD, UPF and BSE)
Advisors: Isaac Baley and Edouard Schaal

Placement: University of Edinburgh

Yameng Fan (PhD, UPF and BSE)
Advisors: Jan Eeckhout and Edouard Schaal

Placement: ENSAI – CREST

Marta García-Rodríguez (PhD, UAB-IDEA and BSE)
Advisor: Albert Marcet

Placement: Banco de España

Jiaming Huang (PhD, UPF and BSE)
Advisor: Geert Mesters

Placement: Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Vladislav Morozov (PhD, UPF and BSE)
Advisors: Christian Brownlees and Kirill Evdokimov

Placement: University of Bonn

Milan Quentel (PhD, UPF and BSE)
Advisors: Albrecht Glitz and Maria Petrova

Placement: Stanford University (Hoover Fellow 2024-25) and Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Gianmarco Ruzzier (PhD, UPF and BSE)
Advisors: Andrea Caggese and Filippo Ippolito

Placement: Banco de España

Christoph Semken (PhD, UPF and BSE)
Advisor: Jose Apesteguia

Placement: Stanford University (PostDoc) and University of Toronto 

Evangelia Spantidaki (PhD, UPF and BSE)
Advisor: Larbi Alaoui

Placement: University of Vienna 

Andrea Sy (PhD, UPF and BSE)
Advisor: Andrea Caggese

Placement: CEMFI (PostDoc)

Boyao Zhang (PhD, UAB-IDEA and BSE)
Advisor: Raül Santaeulàlia-Llopis

Placement: University of Konstanz